Braun series 5 – Sportive and Active Gentleman Shaver Review

Braun 5090cc

Braun 5090cc electric shaver is a sporty shaver for active gentlemen. Accentuating a masculine design with its rugged profile and look that makes statement, this electric shaver will be every man’s lovable shaver. The shaver is powerful not only in its look, but also in its performance. Even for shaving very thick Santa’s beard, the shaver will run smoothly and quickly on the surface of the skin without causing irritation, especially because skin pressure is not needed to ensure close shave. The pivoting head of this shaver also makes sure that no part of your face is too difficult for this shaver to reach.

Braun 5090cc Features

Braun 5090cc electric shaver offers a number of features that make it the number one electric shaver for men. Its most accentuating features can be broken down as follows.

  1. Convenient and comfortable shaving with less skin pressure

Just let the shaver float on your skin and your hair will disappear. Irritation will not be a problem anymore if you use this shaver.

  1. PowerDrive technology to enhance its shaving power

With this technology, you will not feel the difference between shaving thin hair and shaving thick one. Braun Series 5 5090cc allows you to shave even the thickest hair with ease.

  1. OptiFoil structure allows the foil to give clean and extremely close shave.

OptiFoil is Braun’s exclusive foil design that allows the foil to run deep on the surface of your skin and to restore its smoothness by removing even the thinnest hair on it.

  1. ActiveLift middle trimmer that sets flat lying hair upright and cuts it

ActiveLift is another Braun’s patented feature ensuring that no hair will be left on the skin. The biggest problem during a shaving session is that hair that lies flat on the skin cannot be cut by the shaver. Thanks to this patented middle trimmer, all flat lying hair will stand upright and be ready for cutting.

  1. Lockable pivoting head that explores all parts of the skin evenly

The pivoting head of this shaver allows it to move freely and flexibly on the surface of the skin. No part of the skin is too difficult to reach if this shaver is used and a shaving session will mostly be fun. The head can always be locked whenever necessary. Five different shaver-head angles are available for locking purpose.

  1. 4-action cleaning station ensures that the shaver will always be new.

A cleaning station that performs four actions: cleaning, charging, lubricating, and selecting a cleaning program, accompanies the shaver. This cleaning station will make sure that your shaver will always be clean and new. While you clean your shaver, you can have its battery charged.

Braun 5090cc Pros and Cons

This electric shaver offers everything that a man needs to enjoy a close, comfortable and fast shave of his facial hair. Its design accentuates masculinity and sportiness and its power in shaving both thin and thick hair is beyond question. The only thing you will be concerned about it is perhaps its price. If you rarely spend more than $100 to buy a shaver, this shaver may not be your best choice.


Braun 5090cc electric shaver is everything that a man needs. Even for people who consider it an expensive shaver, it is still a worthwhile investment. It is great for cleaning thin and flat lying hair and powerful and fast for cleaning thick hair. Its battery is so powerful that you can continue shaving your hair for 45 minutes without having to charge it. You can even charge it after you finish your shaving session while you clean the shaver.


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