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Memorable Moment: Invading Tim Gunn’s Apartment and Closet

Recently, I had the extreme honor of sitting down with Tim Gunn at his lovely apartment to catch up and talk fashion of course! I first “met” Tim over a phone call during my sophomore year of high school. I requested to interview him about an event he was speaking at near where I used to live called All Access Fashion. I was so shocked that I had received a yes and felt so immature by asking for the interview to be “after 2:30, which is about when I get home from school.” The phone rang. I answered. “Hi Ryan, it’s Tim Gunn. Tell me something, is it really true you are only 15?” I had no idea what to say after that.

Fast forward a year and I have been very fortunate to interact with Tim at other events in the D.C metropolitan area and in New York. Tim is a charming gentleman and is amazingly well spoken. As you could imagine, his apartment was as put together as he is.

For the first half hour of our designated hour we caught up, chatted about industry happenings and gushed over Dan Brown’s latest novel (which at the time neither of us had free time to start reading it). Then, snapping back and remembering we only have an hour to photograph Tim and his home we began.

Tim’s apartment has hundreds of books on fashion, art and architecture. His passion for architecture started with Legos as a child and can be seen in his with the models of iconic buildings from around the globe.

Next, we took a peak upstairs to look at his closet. It is all coordinated by color and item type. His wardrobe is scattered about several closets and not in just a single ‘Sex and the City’-esque one as I’m sure many would think.

The apartment is a complete branch of Tim, which is always great to see. You must always make your home your home and not just what looks good universally.

Thank you so much Tim for having us. This is truly a moment I will never forget. Tune in to Project Runway on Lifetime, Thursdays 9pm ET.

Tim Gunn Gif

Produced by Ryan Charchian. Photos by Kelsey Hansen.

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