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For his Spring 2013 collection, Qingquing Wu combined all the beauty of Asian minimalism with the intricacy of American modernism. One of my favorite aspects of this show was that in all regards, it was extremely clean and cohesive. From the music, to the styling, and of course the impeccable garments, it was just a really easy show to watch. No unnecessary floofs and frills.   I really appreciated his use of muted base tones, such as taupe, powder blue, white, and opaque gray.  He describes his inspiration as being drawn from the rising dawn, so his garments change color and become brighter as the show progresses.

Some of my favorite looks were the amazing 21st century take on a cardigan, and the sophisticated double button blazers that were in a variety of colors. Hands down however, the taupe, olive and gray jackets were the show stopping pieces. Their utter simplicity was what made them complex. They all contained one element that made each garment special, but also extremely wearable, whether it was an interesting zipper line, to a beautiful yet subtle pattern.

Overall, this was a stellar show, with even more stellar garments. This really is a breakout face in men’s fashion, and I could see this becoming a prominent part of the American market. Personally, I would wear the majority of these looks, and I feel that many of these pieces would be an integral part of any modern man’s closet.

To see the whole collection, click here.

Written by Luke Hartmen. Photos by Lauren Kristin for Cashmere & Tweed.

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